Protecting a Vacant House Over the Summer

home security

Over the summer, lots of people take the opportunity to head off abroad on holiday or to spend some time in a holiday home. This means that their own property may be left vacant for some time. Obviously this can be a little disconcerting for many people, especially if their neighbours are away or they will be leaving lots of valuables unattended in their house. That is why it’s important that you sort out the security of your home before you leave.

Firstly, a good burglar alarm is absolutely crucial when it comes to protecting your home. However, research has also shown that a fake alarm with a flashing light can work as a deterrent, so if you can’t afford a full security alarm system you should at least invest in a fake alarm which will be placed somewhere obvious on the front of your property. Burglars don’t tend to risk breaking into houses with visible signs of security, so will try elsewhere.

Again, much of home security is psychological on the part of the burglar. When you leave your house, make sure the gate is shut, and request before you go that the postman or anyone else who will be visiting also shuts the gate behind them when they leave. This presents a physical barrier which makes the burglar feel that the property is less accessible.

If the property is set back from public spaces and has a long driveway or vehicle access which isn’t visible to the general public, you might like to hire a concrete barrier to place across this driveway. They can only be moved using specialist equipment, and will stop any vehicles from trespassing on your property. This is because travellers can often attempt to enter vacant properties, and it can be very distressing having to remove squatters from your property.

Make sure you set up lights or a radio on a timer to give the illusion of activity in the house in your absence. Also cancel any paper or milk deliveries, as there can end up being a tell-tale build up which indicates that you’re not at home. If you have a trusted neighbour or relative, ask them to pop in every now and again to open or close the curtains to make it look like someone is in the house. It would also be worth telling a neighbour that you will be away and letting them know if they should expect to see anyone at the house, and if not who they should call.