HDMI Cable Selection: Not Just for Nerds

HDMI Cable

A quality HDMI cable is the cornerstone of any respectable home cinema system. The caliber of your HDMI cable is the iron curtain standing stalwartly between you and an evening of monotony, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

HDMI cable selection can be an enervating process, but once you find a cable that you can be proud of, it’ll be the last one you ever need to buy.

When purchasing a HDMI cable, it would be quite imprudent to go with price over quality. A good HMDI will last forever; serving generations to come long after the sun fizzles out and life returns to the tenebrous fathoms of the briny blue.

A profound industrialist by the name of Sam Walton is credited with the expression “You get what you pay for”, and by saving pennies on an inferior HDMI cable, you could be sacrificing precious picture quality in pursuit of mere lucre.

The image on your screen is composed of thousands of individual pixels, and by opting for a less than stellar HDMI cable, you could experience a degradation of quality over time resulting in dead pixels marring your screen, or even worse, a vexatious screen flicker that can burn the retinas from your very eye sockets.

Quality of viewing isn’t the only reason to pay it forward when selecting a new HDMI cable; the strength of your HDMI cable is directly correlated to its merit, and if you skimp on quality your cable could snap easier than Cookie Monster at a Mrs. Field’s kiosk.

When shopping around for a HDMI cable, the bottom line is quality should trump price in just about every instance. A well-rounded HDMI cable is an indispensable piece of hardware for any home theater system, fledgeling or venerable, and the value of finding a good one simply can’t be understated.

No matter what your purpose, a top shelf HDMI cable would be an integral member of your home cinema setup.