8 Latest Windows and Conservatory Trends

Windows and Conservatory

With the economy hitting a downturn in UK and Ireland, the slowed domestic demand has impacted the window and conservatory industries greatly. These circumstances have led to a mind state of actual conservation when it comes to remodeling existing homes and building new homes. This trend towards saving money has been helped along by the credit crunch and recent recession for the British Government’s austerity measures, leaving consumer confidence at a lower level than previously seen.

But the great news for consumers is that this downtrend in economy have left the window and conservatory industries struggling to keep afloat with the lower demand. This means that there’s never been a better time for homeowners to think about renovation on their conservatories and new window installations. For the savvy consumer, buying while the market is low will increase their savings and raise the overall resale volume of their home exponentially. Further, with most of the trends pointing towards saving money in the long run (i.e. going green), the saving potential is higher now than it’s ever been before.

Of course, there are still many questions to be answered such as the Green Deal’s impact on increasing volume and demand and the effect of the high performance (lower U value) window market in Europe will have on the UK as it hits home over the next few years. Of course, the government’s ability to stimulate home construction and house building will also affect the trends down the line, but as of right now, here are your safest bets for windows and conservatory trends.

Eight Window and Conservatory Trends that are Happening Right Now

1. Security awareness.

As always, family and property safety are big in windows and conservatories, with consumers looking towards increased security features as selling points. Upgrading window locks and glass strength are two options that are bolstered by the choice to add alarms to windows and conservatories.

2. Thermal performance.

Eco-friendly features on windows are big right now and luckily, this feature is bundled together with a lot of other practical benefits. Windows that are following the “green trend” are still faring well on the market as consumers make the conscious decision to help protect the environment. Perhaps the best thing about this trend is that windows with Eco-features help save you money in the long run. For example, triple glazing on windows and in conservatories helps save you money by reducing your energy bills from the first second you install them.

3. UV Protection.

Triple glazing on windows and conservatories also provides the added protection against harmful UV rays. These rays have been known to cause skin cancer and a wide array of other nasty ailments. By getting windows with UV filters, the natural sunlight is able to get into the house while the harmful UV rays are kept at bay on the outside.

4. Sound proofing and other features.

Other features in windows that are popular with consumers are soundproofing and self-cleaning. Self-cleaning windows are typically double or triple glazed and coated with a special substance that resists dirt, dust and grime buildup. For those who live on a street with a lot of children or noisy traffic, soundproof windows are big—especially in an age that sees more and more people telecommuting from home.

5. Verreéglomisé.

Also called “gilded glass”, this style of window is becoming increasingly popular as rooms and houses get smaller and smaller. Gilded glass allows people to decorate the interior of their rooms with windows that have gold or metal leaf on the back side. This adds another aesthetic quality to the room, one that is different in natural sunlight and indoor lighting.

6. Repurposing your conservatory.

For some, the idea of a conservatory is a bit outdated. If you’re looking for a simple change to your home decoration, consider repurposing your conservatory to give your home some new life. If you’re a music or book lover, consider turning your room into a music room or library / study. You can really make a lovely reading room or tea room as well. If you have small children, consider making playroom in the conservatory. Customize the walls with their favorite cartoon characters, but don’t forget that UV coating on the windows to protect their sensitive skin.

7. Orangery.

Taking the category for unique trends in conservatory is the idea of having an orangery. In actuality, orangeries were an original intention for homeowners building conservatories, so this might not be too far of a stretch if you have an older home. Having UPVC windows will help with this trend and possibly even provide some extra income—it certainly will provide some extra food!

8. Window treatments.

Another trend that we’re seeing this year is the increased move towards window treatments in conservatories. Typically, the frosted glass is a stand-alone, time-honored tradition, but in the down economy, sprucing up the windows with wooden or bamboo blinds seems to be a big hit.