Mixing Expensive and Cheap Items for a Stunning, Affordable Decor

Home Decorating

Home decorating can be quite costly especially when you need to purchase numerous items and remodel some rooms. Good quality items are usually pricey but branded items are overly expensive making it very difficult to indulge but their beauty and effect can still be achieved by investing only on a few high-priced but gorgeous items and combining them with cheap ones in a way that the focus lays on the expensive item.

Here are some interesting ideas for mixing high and low items to create a luxurious decor:

Good Quality Fabrics

The best thing about lavish fabrics is that even though they can be pricey, they can make any cheap piece of furniture also appear pricey. It does not matter where you purchase your furniture from, it can be new or a second hand piece picked up from a roadside, reupholstering it in an elegant fabric can completely change the look making it appear chic. It’s not the wood that is visible on a sofa or upholstered chair but the fabric is what gives it the expensive look, the same technique can be applied on any worn out furniture lying around in the house. An inexpensive sofa can also be decorated with cushions made out of lush fabrics providing an accent.

Divine Table Chair Set

Whether it is a writing table or a dining table, any sort of cheap table can be made divine if attention is paid on beautifying the chairs. Be comfortable to use but it, will enhance the entire table and chair set. Similarly, any simple dining table can be made to look impressive if the seating is paid special attention to with chairs beautifully upholstered in gorgeous fabrics and high gloss paint.

Cheap Accessories Around A Grand Setting

Cheap lamps, photo frames, vases etc. can look simply divine and far from cheap if they are displayed on a hand carved or any other sort of expensive and gorgeous table. If you are going for a grand decor for your dining room then you may purchase a classic and timeless sideboard on which cheap candle stands can be displayed along with other cheap accessories, which will look anything but cheap in the setting. Similarly, an expensive print on canvas can make any cheap wallpaper look utterly splendid.

Mixing Items In A Room

If a single room consists of some high pricey items along with some low items, the attention will divert to the high ones as they will be a lot more attractive and your room will receive and overall high look. Any old flooring can be boosted up with a pricey oriental rug for a fresh and comfortable look while any big canvas prints can look like a million pounds if it’s in a fashionable room and surrounded with a lovely wide, antique golden frame.

We all purchase various furniture items or canvas photo prints to dress up our homes but sometimes it gets boring or the decor just simply fails. Whether you are renovating or altering the theme or just giving a slightly modern appearance, no matter which room of the house you are decorating, following these three basic simple strategies will ensure a perfect looking room no matter what you include. Follow on the strategies and remember them, as strict rules to follow throughout and your decor will never fail.

Stick To A Theme

If you do not have something in mind that you will be decorating around then you will very easily jump from one idea to another and create a decor that simply does not match. You may find the perfect wall canvas picture and digital photo to canvas and a highly admirable sofa but when both are put together they clash. If you stick to a theme and decorate accordingly your decor can’t fail because you will only include items that fall into your specific theme, further it makes decorating easier because your options are narrowed down and you don’t have to simply survey everything. Going classic, traditional, modern are some options while you can decorate along a certain era such as 1960’s or choose comfort as your theme or even some art movement, there are numerous options.

Stick To A Colour Scheme

Sticking to a colour scheme ensures that a room does not end up looking like a circus area. It does not mean that you have to select one colour and only stick to it, a maximum of four colours can be chosen but three being the ideal. In your choice of three colours, its best to choose two main colours while keep the third one for accents or to neutralise, usually white, cream or grey is used for this purpose. The colour palette should of course be according to the theme of the room. Keep in mind light colours make a room more spacious and are more suitable for smaller rooms, if brightness is to be added in these rooms use pops of red etc. while keeping the main colours light and simple.

Stick To Decor Items That Create A Visual Flow

When you are decorating, you definitely add in lamps, shelves, tables, pictures, mirrors and so on other decorative items but they cannot be placed anywhere you please, they need to be placed strategically so a visual flow is created for the eye to wander around the room and not just pause at a point. Keep symmetry in mind and make sure all items match each other in material and colour.