How to Make Room for Expected Visitors over Christmas

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It’s lovely to have Christmas visitors, but for many of us this can pose a dilemma: where will we fit them? Spare rooms have become a luxury and even if you do have a spare room, chances are it has become a storage space for all your unused stuff!

So, Christmas visitors usually mean it’s time for a clean out. You will need to clear out the room and find somewhere else to store everything, like the garage, or perhaps hire a short term storage space at a storage facility and have a clutter free Christmas.

The important thing is clear the clutter out, so your guests can enjoy their stay and have space to unpack their clothes, shoes, jewellery and other bits and pieces. It’s also a good idea to take out any fragile or precious items in case of breakage.

Spring Clean

Once you have cleared out the room it is a good idea to give it a spring clean. Open the windows wide, hang rugs outside in the sun for a day and give the room a good dust and mop. You might add some nice smelling essential oil to the mop water or place some potpourri in a basket in the room.

Bathroom Supplies

Provide a towel and washer for each guest. You can place these on the end of the bed or on a spare chair. Tying them together with nice ribbon adds a special touch. You should make sure there is spare toilet paper so they don’t need to ask if they run out. You can even add a small bottle of shampoo and a nice bar of soap.

Welcoming Touches

You can transform your spare room into a welcoming haven with a few small and thoughtful touches. Add some bottled water, a few nice chocolates and some fresh flowers and your guests will feel truly welcomed.

Add Hooks

If you don’t want visitors to use your wardrobes because they are full, add some hooks to the walls and doors. You could also add a hat rack to give some more hanging space. Provide hangers too.

Keep it Sparse

It is a good idea to keep decorations to a minimum to allow your visitors room to put their own things out. A lamp, some good reading material and an alarm clock may be enough.

Space to Sit

If room permits, it is really nice to place some seating in the guest room, an arm chair or small couch is perfect. This gives visitors the ability to take a bit of time out and have some private sitting time.

Making the Bed

Use really nice sheets to make up the spare bed so your guests feel extra special. You can add a few throw pillows to dress the bed up and to use when reading in bed.

Taking a little extra care and time will help make for a really memorable holiday for your Christmas guests.