Heavy Metal Lovers

big heavy equipment

We love heavy metal – no, not the long haired, head banging type, we mean we just can’t get enough of big machinery! We have built our reputation on the care we show to the equipment we move, maintain and repair, which is often the most expensive in many businesses and critical to their success.

Big Love – Moving Heavy Stuff

Sometimes there’s just no choice but to move your big equipment. It could be a move of the entire operation, or just from one site to another, but you can trust us to treat your machinery with the same care and attention that it deserves. All our teams are experienced in engineering, electrics and rigging/slinging, ensuring your move goes to plan.

We will visit you before the move to quote and advise on the best way to achieve an efficient and effective move, and also so you can meet those involved in your move. It also gives us an opportunity to ensure we have the right equipment on the day. Following re-installation, we’ll also re-visit you to ensure you’re happy with our service.

Baby Love – Installing New Equipment

You’ve spent days getting the spec right and are looking forward to updating your processes or adding something new to the factory. Now just to get it installed – a delicate operation, or maybe just to a tight timescale, we can help. We have a big range of equipment, suitable for moving all sorts of machinery, and our teams love putting their expertise to good use and helping your company grow.

Steady Love – Helping You Keep Working

Not only can we help you move machinery, if it needs regular maintance – or even worse, breaks down – we can assist in keeping you running. We have a team of mechanical and electrical engineers, who can come out and service your machinery on a regular basis, or come out and get you going again in the case of breakdown. Our teams carry a whole range of items on their vans, but can also organise bigger repairs, including remaking parts, if needed.

True Love

It all sounds a bit wet and sloppy, but we really do love heavy metal – we run our business on our customers gratitude and satisfaction, something we couldn’t maintain if we really didn’t love what we do. Whether it’s moving it, installing it or fixing it, you really will struggle to find anyone who appreciates your machinery the way we do. True love!