Nonprofit Organizations and the Schaumburg Business Association

Schaumburg Business Association

The Schaumburg Business Association is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting the economic prosperity of businesses in the area. The mission of this non-profit organization is to make unique opportunities for small businesses in the area and foster cross-regional alliances for companies doing business in Schaumburg, thus improving the local business environment. The organization also helps to educate business owners on the advantages and benefits of doing business in the area through events, seminars and publishes a business directory that provides information on local companies and their contact information. Members of the association are given a seal of approval that recognizes their commitment to excellence and commitment to the success of all small businesses in the area. All business owners are required to participate in an annual general meeting that brings together managers and owners of small businesses in the area.

  • Members of the Schaumburg business association meet regularly to discuss and make decisions concerning major issues facing the business community in Schaumburg. Meetings are generally held at least quarterly with the first meeting taking place in April. Special interest groups are frequently invited to attend. These include the local chamber of commerce, business marketing experts, and consumer representatives. At the meetings, business owners are encouraged to share their ideas and progress reports. These can range from the economic outlook to the services they offer to the customers in the area.
  • In order to be part of the association, you must be a member of the Better Business Bureau with a non-profit organization. This includes a complete financial disclosure form that covers the income and assets of the member. Form 990 also requires information on the charitable contributions made by members and any tax returns filed. In order to apply for membership, one must undergo credit counseling. If you have a tax problem or are in violation of any state tax law, it would be in your best interest to consult a certified public accountant prior to joining any business association.
  • The Better Business Bureau is not the only entity that you can consult when you are considering becoming a member of the Schaumburg business association. Your local chamber of commerce can also be of assistance in this matter. The local chamber of commerce holds regular meetings where various business owners come together to discuss issues of importance to their community. Their bi-annual membership fee is not expensive, but the only requirement is that you have a current business and you need to be open to meeting with them.
  • Other business associations that may be of assistance to you are those that are supported by the American Cancer Society. They sponsor various events throughout the year that bring together businesses and nonprofit organizations to increase their knowledge and increase interest in the issues of cancer prevention, research, and treatment. Among the speakers at these events are doctors, scientists, and survivors. The presence of speakers like this at your regularly scheduled meetings will provide you with an opportunity to get more constituent feedback.

The Charity Navigator is another helpful organization that you might want to consider joining. Charity Navigator rates many different nonprofit organizations that are based on the factors that they encompass. Among the factors that they encompass are the effectiveness of their programs and services, their leadership, and their financial situation. High scores on these factors indicate that a nonprofit organization is effective while low scores indicate that you might want to reconsider if they are a good fit for your business needs.