Getting a Business Minor at Many Colleges

Gettysburg College

If you are interested in a career with Gettysburg College, there is a Bachelors’s degree in accounting that you can obtain. What would you like to do with that degree? You can explore the accounting field and see if it interests you. Perhaps a position in accounting would allow you to help a company with tax preparations or even as an accountant yourself. Whatever your desire is, the online associate’s degree in business administration is the perfect option for you.

  • There are many different options when considering a career with Gettysburg College. A few of the degrees offered in the business minor include Accounting, Finance, and Business. This is a program for students who have already taken classes such as Communications, Computers, Math, and Statistics. With the help of the online associate’s degree in business, you will learn the necessary skills for getting a business major.
  • Business majors can range from accounting to business management and more. Some of the courses offered include Accounting, Financial Accounting, Business Analysis, International Business, Economics, Information Technology, Law & Accountancy and Private Business. There is a heavy concentration in accounting, so the majority of students majoring in business minors will be accounting majors. If you do not want to major in accounting, there are numerous business minors that are not strictly accounting-related such as marketing, sales, general business, and healthcare. Students taking general business courses may also branch into health care or human services if their major is not specifically accounting-related.
  • A Bachelor of Arts in Business gives students the opportunity to focus on an area of study that will prepare them for their future careers. These classes may include classes in entrepreneurship, marketing, social communications, organizational behavior, organizational development, sales management, and business administration. An associate’s degree also allows students to choose a specific area of business to specialize in such as accounting, human resources, banking, e-commerce, or technology. The Bachelor of Science in Business also specializes in business but does not allow students to major in accounting.
  • Business minors at several Virginia colleges give students an array of opportunities. They can select their concentrations which may include human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, global management, healthcare, information technology, and law and legal practice. A few Virginia colleges even offer online business minors that require students to take their courses from home. Online business majors include accounting, business administration, business studies, and business economics. Students can complete their degrees through correspondence or online courses. Students need to be prepared to work hard and put in long hours because the nature of business majors requires them to be extremely productive in the classroom as well as out.

Business majors at many colleges also give students the chance to select an area of specialization. These specialized areas may include healthcare or human resources. For students who are interested in specializing in healthcare, they must first complete an associate’s degree. The Associate’s Degree will usually allow students to focus on one specific aspect of the business world while gaining experience. Students can complete their business minors at four-year universities if they choose, or they can choose to take a two-year course if they plan on going to a four-year university.