Benefits Of Investing In The Eastman Business Park

Eastman Business Park, previously Kodak Park, is an enormous commercial and manufacturing complex in the small city of Rochester, New York. The complex is operated by Eastman Kodak and was built in 1965. It includes a mixture of retail outlets, office buildings, restaurants, and other amenities for many businesses. Located near the intersection of Rochester’s eastern border, it can serve as a great location for a business to set up shop.

  • This industrial park has been around for a long time, but it was only in the late fifties that it began being referred to as Eastman Park. In recent years, it has undergone major changes to increase traffic flow and to make the parking lot more convenient for consumers. Some of the major changes include; having pedestrian walkways, putting in a new interchange at Monroe Street, and adding a lighted basketball court.
  • Rochester, New York is a great city to do business in and to live in. With a rich history and an abundance of resources, including education, research, and technology, it offers a good place for a business to grow and prosper. Rochester is home to a multitude of small, medium-sized companies. There are also large companies that have headquarters in Rochester. If you own or manage a company that wants to set up shop in Rochester, you should consider investing in a piece of property in the Eastman Business Park.
  • Eastman Business Park is conveniently located, making it accessible from many parts of the city. This allows it to be centrally located. This makes it easy for employees to commute to work or shop. The park is conveniently located close to major highways such as I Rochester exit. It is also close enough to access the Rochester airport, which offers customers and employees ease and comfort when traveling.
  • The parking lot is tightly clustered around the perimeter of the park. This parking lot has plenty of spaces for vehicles. The park itself is highly developed, with several restaurants, a movie theater, two banks, a pharmacy, and several other businesses. The majority of the businesses are focused on selling food and related products, such as pizza, fast food, hamburgers, and ice cream. However, there are some that offer a range of different services, such as dry cleaning and party supplies.

The Eastman Business Park has four restaurants. Two of them are located inside the Park and one is located on the edge of the Park. All of these restaurants are known for providing customers with top-quality food. The restaurants are named Caiaphobia, which is in reference to the Chinese restaurant that was located here. Another restaurant in this business park is called Sapphire Laguna. This restaurant serves up local and international cuisine.