Tips For Single Moms with Empty Nests

Tips For Single Moms

My mom recently lost all of her children to marriage. They are gone and out of the nest. She has her worries about what will happen to her now that everyone is now gone. The only thing she has right now is her pet dog Bella.

We want her to get married as well but she has been out of the dating circle for a good 23 years. Her children were her world and now they are gone. What is a 58 year old woman to do now that she has an empty nest and no spouse?!

Here are some tips for those type of women:

Get busy!

Get out there and get involved with the community. Join a book club, take a sewing class, take a painting class, clean and remodel the house, just get busy! You have the time now so take advantage of it! You may not have much time later when grandbabies start coming around. I hear those things take up a lot of your time! That takes me to the next point…

Take the Grand kids out

Take them out to the zoo, an amusement park, or to the park! Let the parents go out on their date night by coming over and watching the kids. Bake cookies with them or just watch movies. I’m sure the kids will help you come up with new ideas. Of course this only applies to those who have grandchildren.

Home Security

Get a one of many security systems. You are home alone with an assortment of valuables. Make sure you protect yourself and your belongings. Get an alarm system that is efficient and allows you to feel safe. It doesn’t matter what part of town you live in it is always a good idea to get one of these. My mom has Denton home security. Maybe even a gun if you feel comfortable with it. Just don’t shoot anyone on accident like the mail man.

Get a pet

If you do not already have a pet dog, bird, or cat I would get one! If you want something that is easily manageable get a fish or turtle. I think dogs and cats make great companions though. A guard dog may even be a good idea since you will be living alone at home. Get a breed that will bark at outsiders.

Enjoy the little things

Being at home gives you a lot of time on your hands. If you are retired make use of it by doing things that you would enjoy to do. Check off your bucket list. Go skydiving even! Just make sure that you do the things in life that you have always wanted to do.

That is all the advice that I have. Now go and get to it! You are not getting any younger.