Tepco Finance: What is TEPCo?


TEPCO, Inc. (TEPCO) is a Japanese conglomerate that is the parent company of three major corporations: TEPCO Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), TEPCo Corporation (San Diego, USA), and TEPCo Corporation (Shizuoka, Japan). TEPCo, Inc. and TEPCo Finance, Inc. (together known as TEPCo) are trademarks of TEPCo Financial Services, LLC. As part of its mission to provide for the needs of its customers and the environment, TEPCo has been operating in the financial services sector for over 20 years. TEPCo is a leading financial institution based in Japan and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the ticker “TEPCo”TEPCo JP.” TEPCo, Inc., is a publicly traded company. All TEPCo financial products and services are available to be availed online.

TEPCo, Inc. has been providing its customers with the best possible financial services in terms of providing an extensive range of financial products, services and features through the use of its state of the art technology. The most significant and well known financial products and services offered by TEPCo, Inc. include cash advances, accounts receivable collections, debt consolidation, credit card and loan settlement, accounts payable collections, commercial mortgage lending and loan processing. TEPCo, Inc. has also developed and is implementing its advanced online tools that allow its clients to access all their financial services on the Internet. Through the innovative use of electronic applications and other web-based technologies, TEPCo, Inc. has transformed itself from a traditional bank into a financial corporation that provides services such as commercial and consumer loans, securities, investment banking, corporate finance and treasury management.

TEPCo, Inc. and its subsidiaries are well known for their commitment to environmental performance, transparency in their financial statements, compliance with international standards, effective risk management and customer service. The following are some of the areas of activity of TEPCo that are important to customers and investors: recycling of waste materials, recycling of hazardous substances, production and construction of energy-efficient, green buildings, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, etc. These activities are conducted in accordance with the environmental guidelines and regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction in which the company operates. All TEPCo financial products and services are available online and can be accessed through the Internet.

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