Successfully Starting Your Own Coffee Shop

Own Coffee Shop

When one talks about the future of Monkey Business Cafe one imagines a coffee shop/tavern reminiscent of the Monkeys Hotel from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (the very first Tim Burton film with the title). Instead, Monkey Business Cafe was born from a combination of two unlikely sources: the two owners of an Asian fusion restaurant and an American barista. The owners decided that they wanted to start a coffee shop with a twist – instead of a steady stream of coffee they wanted an “organic” coffee business where the beans were grown organically. The barista, on the other hand, decided that he wanted to start a business that allowed him to work on his dream: working with specialty coffee beans.

  • So, they worked out a business plan: the barista would get coffee supplies from the organic coffee company and then handle the shipping and the grinding of the beans. The restaurant owner and the chef would sell prepackaged food to people who walked through the doors of the business cafe. The idea was to create a unique coffee shop and a unique business model – two things that are hard to duplicate in a coffee shop environment. But it didn’t take long for both parties to find their common business goals.
  • Monkey Business Cafe opened its doors for business in October of 2021. The menu is made up of favorite foods of both the owners: Thai chicken rice, chicken salad, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Everything is made organically without the use of pesticides. The focus on “organic” products was started by the barista who decided that if people were walking into a coffee shop that was all about “green” living then the customers would come in droves.
  • While the coffee at Monkey Business Cafe has not reached the levels of success of other organic coffee shops (there still seems to be more work to be done on the coffee machine) it has been getting favorable reviews from people who have tried the food and the business model. According to the Monkey Business Cafe’s owner, Ryan Watson, the key to the success of the business is the focus on quality over quantity. According to Watson “The main thing we focus on is how good the food is. It is not enough to make great coffee, you have to make the coffee taste good.”
  • The business is franchised and distributed by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the biggest franchise coffee company in the United States. The owner of Monkey Business Cafe, Ryan Watson, explained that they were initially “testing the waters” with the business before they decided to franchise it. However, once they knew the success potential of the business they immediately bought it and launched it with all the bells and whistles that any franchisor would want to see for their brand.

There are a lot of people who have been drawn to Monkey Business Cafe because it is unique. People like to compare it to other coffee shops in their area or even to other organic cafes around the world. It is a fun place to be and it is worth a visit to see if it has something interesting to offer. The success of the business may be on the verge of making it the hottest trend in town and if it continues to spread it could become a very popular place to work from home. If you love caffeine, a cappuccino, and a friendly environment all in one location, this may be the perfect job opportunity for you.