Exhilarating UK Days Out

UK Days Out

The UK is a fantastic holiday destination whether you’ll be spending your summer here at home or heading here from abroad. The British Isles is perfect for a range of outdoor activities, but we’re used to the rain here, so we also provide some brilliant indoor activities for those wanting to shelter from Mother Nature. If you’re an adrenalin junkie looking for high-speed entertainment in the UK this summer, read on for some ideas.

One of the best activities on offer in the British countryside comes in the form of zorbing. If you haven’t heard of this before – and we don’t blame you – the idea is that you get inside a giant inflatable ball and hurtle down a track down a hill through the beautiful countryside. This is completely safe but perfect if you’re a thrillseeker looking for something a little bit different, and it’s certainly a unique way to see the country.

If you’re a keen driver, you can always take your car for a spin on a racetrack. Track days are held on all the major race circuits in the country, such as Goodwood and Silverstone. Be warned that many people go once and get bitten by the bug, so you might want to consider getting a road car converted into a racing car at a specialist garage. These track days take place all the time, and allow you to drive as fast as you like and race your friends to the finish line.

Being a country with so much coastline, there are lots of opportunities to try your hand at a variety of extreme watersports. For example, jetskiing and waterskiing are on offer off most of the beaches, and Cornwall is famous for its excellent surfing conditions. Don your wetsuit and get your goggles in position and show off your skills on the waves. Alternatively, you can train for your PADI diving certificate so you can explore what lies beneath the British shores.

The fact that many parts of the UK are so hilly means that there are lots of chances to have a go at some airborne activities such as paragliding or hang-gliding, and there are lots of air bases where you can learn to fly a light aircraft. If you’re so inclined, there is even the chance to be a true daredevil and attempt abseiling, bungee jumping or skydiving, all over stunning rural England, so that the most daring will be rewarded with amazing views and the satisfaction that they’ve conquered yet another challenge.