3 Modern Lounge Furniture Ideas

Lounge Furniture Ideas

In recent years, more modern looking furniture has been increasing in popularity in leaps and bounds. Partly due to the fact that the younger generation are now enjoying smaller homes, like apartments and urban loft spaces, the increase in popularity has been attributed to the less ornately detailed, more compact sizing of modern furnishings.

Modern furniture can help to add a sleek, functional and minimalist air to any living spaces, and is predicted to receive a major upswing in 2013. Because of this, we’ve put together this little article to give you some hints!

Modern Vintage

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, then you’ll be very pleased with what you find under the category of “modern vintage”! Also known as “mid-century chic”, it combines the very best of the modern and the retro. Basically, this takes the form of the very modern furniture that was produced in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The overall aesthetic is one which is clean and straight. Choose Danish furniture, as that was very much in vogue, and wood – it will never go out of fashion, so walnut-trimmed sofas, and tables with glass, or chrome if you’re daring. Pastel colours on the walls and ‘60s European pottery will complete the look.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which means “wind-water” in English, is a famous Chinese system of geomancy, and is used in the Western world to denote a particular way of arranging the contents of your house in an attempt to allow the “energy” to flow more easily around the home.

In order to do this, make sure the five elements – wood, water, earth, fire and metal – make an appearance in your abode. Wood uses green, so make sure you have some green furnishings (luckily, it’s very in this year); dot around some candles for fire. Invest in a small fountain or an aquarium for water, whilst earth is represented with clay pots or wicker furniture (see 2Furnish for some great examples). Lastly, use some of the colours of the precious metals – gold and silver trimmed furnishings will go well with the green.

One last feng shui tip – have a mirror facing your front door. It is believed to confuse any evil spirits, and will also help to make your living space seem much larger.


Minimalist is the opposite of what everyone loved a couple of decades ago – it does away with all the tat and clutter, and brings in a clean, spacious look. Basically, you cut straight to the bare bones: less ornaments, less paintings, less colours. Metallic colours work very well to add to the modern vibe, though black and white work great, too.

Your furniture covers should be unpatterned, and all of a single colour. Take off any ornate frames and rid yourself of elaborate candlesticks and the like, but feel free to experiment – a single splash of colour (such as a vivid flower in a vase in the centre of the room) can add a layer of unique interest to a room, and decreases any sterile feelings.

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